Welcome to Our World

We live a rich life. A life rich in calories through the consumption of rich food. We’re also super lean. The rich food we’ve been eating since 2014 helped us lose most of our bodyfat. It also helped us remain super alert all day long!

We are a bunch of fitness addicts who’ve been living the high-fat, carb-free lifestyle for over 5 years. It wasn’t long before we realized that it’s the only way to eat really. Our ancestors knew it, which is what kept them strong and sharp all day long.

Today its called KETO. A diet (or ‘lifestyle’ as we prefer to call it) where most of your calories should come from FAT!! That’s right FAT!! Our products cover all your ketogenic needs from A.M to P.M, be it your coffee, your drinking chocolate or your Protein. And more.. Read on...

The New Food Pyramid

  • The first Dietary Guidelines issued by the AHA in 1980 advised people to reduce fat in the diet, but inadvertently increased the total sugars in their diet
  • This worsened their overall health leading to increase in Obesity, Heart diseases and Diabetes to staggering levels over the past 40 years
  • In 2015, USDA finally backed away from cholesterol restrictions and urged people to actually cut back on sugars instead
  • The panel has now dropped its long standing recommendation that Americans restrict their intake of dietary cholesterol and fat at all


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